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  1. Family Show "KOPĀ / Together"

  2. 2016, Graphic and Water-color Plein-Air in Valmiera, Art Gallery "LAIPA"

  3. Second Latgale graphics Symposium, Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre


  4. Grafikas plenērs „VENTSPILS DOKUMENTA 2013” / International Plein Air, Ventspils


  5. Galerija Centrs, ART & SHOPPING



    Solo show "The feminine weaknesses", Art Gallery "Pegazs"


  7. http://www.artslant.com




    october 2012, Capileira, Spain
    held by Henrik Bøegh

    This seven working-days course teaches all techniques with the non-toxic acrylic etching system as well as all techniques with photopolymer film, combinations with monotype, carborumdum etc.
    The non-toxic acrylic etching system includes:
    Liquid Hard Ground, Roll-on Hard Ground, Roll-on Soft Ground, Spray-on Aquatint, Lift Ground and Direct Wash.
    The photopolymer techniques include:
    Wash techniques, different uses of photocopies for etchings, digitally generated stencils, photopolymer gravure with one or two layers of photopolymer film, and genuine photogravure.

    Very well thought out, intense and rich with information program, as well as a wealth of bonuses. Highly recommended. :)






  9. AthensArt International Arts Festival organized by Prof.Takis Alexiou & CA4S





  10. Group Exhibition





  11. Logo design published in the new Logolounge book "Type & Calligraphy" and "Shapes & Symbols"
    Published by: Rockport Publishers
    Website: www.logolounge.com


  12. http://issuu.com/viennatravelgallery/docs/athens_art_catalogue/76


  13. "I love the way Agnese Kurzemniece depicts seemingly ordinary people, in an ordinary setting, while conveying out of the ordinary meaning."
    ~M. Hansen




  14. Saatchi Online ARTPARIS Showdown Finalist.

    At Show ArtParis at Le Grand Palais from March 31 - April 3, 2011.

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  15. Kilimanjaro, Uhuru Peak, Tanzania, 20.12.2010

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      Kilimanjaro, Uhuru Peak, Tanzania, 20.12.2010

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  16. Two of my paintings have been chosen as finalists in this international competition and this one has been awarded - Gallery Director's Award.

    "The Canons, is elegantly disturbing and beautiful. Kurzemniece's composition captures this juxtaposition perfectly. The figure can be standing comfortable in her own body or posing indifferently to the objectified view. The mother and child image can represent happiness and fulfillment or expectation and rules. The intense eyes of the dog can be asking us - is she bound by impossibly beautiful standards or free to be herself?"