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Agnese Kurzemniece

Painter, fine artist and graphic designer

About Agnese

Agnese Kurzemniece was born in Riga, Latvia. She holds an MFA in Graphic Arts and works as a visual artist, focusing on Printmaking, Illustration, Graphic Design, and Painting.

Agnese’s work

Agnese started taking part in art exhibitions in 1990. You can browse through her early and more recent work such as painting, graphic art techniques, graphic design and much more.


“My work obtains a meaning for me when an exploratory or investigative process is involved. Otherwise it feels just as a mechanical process. The question is always the same: how can I tell the story that is so essential to tell? Stories narrate the way we see and position ourselves in the world, in relationship to our surroundings, to others, but – also – to ourselves. A picture is an unspoken thought, often seen in a slightly larger perspective… “

Art For Sale

Many of Agnese’s paintings or pieces of work are available for sale. Please feel free to contact the artist directly for more information.

Iconography influence

In a number of Agnese’s recent paintings, her ever-evolving style is influenced by the Novgorodian icon-painting school and relates, albeit loosely, to iconography.

Commercial work

As a graphic designer Agnese has  worked on a number of commercial projects such as packaging design, shopping mall murals and more. 
Feel free to click on the button and browse through them.


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Riga, Latvia

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