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Agnese Kurzemniece

Agnese Kurzemniece

Following her graduation from the “Janis Rozentals Riga Art School” Agnese Kurzemniece chose to study at the Graphic Art Department of the Art Academy of Latvia. She obtained her diploma in etching at of professor’s Gunārs Krollis workshop. Etching still remains one of the artist’s favourite techniques. Agnese creates her artwork as a mirror image on a prepared and primed metal plate that is later etched in an acid bath for a certain period of time to acquire the desired tint graduation and the sharpness of the linear part of the artwork. The solution in use is non-toxic, not to harm the artist’s health. Agnese has mastered this etching technique in 2012 during her Non-Toxic Intaglio Workshop classes in Spain by the Danish artist Henrik Bøegh, one of the pioneering artists in non-toxic etching techniques.

The main idea addressed in Agnese’s artwork is the eternal question of the relationship between the two sexes. She has experimented and combined etching with other techniques and has produced several art pieces using the intaglio technique.

In both her triptychs “Axis mundi” I and III, human figures are facing each other; the depicted women and men are slender, handsome, and visually attractive, whilst the middle part includes an abstract and vague composition. Her 2014 piece “Lēnā deja” (Slow Dance)” depicts cuddled figures of two corpulent lovers that radiate love, harmony and peace as well as inner beauty. In the artist’s works human, mostly female figures are presented in an exaggerated way.

As an example, long necks which resemble supple plant stems and support small heads, or even, sometimes the head is completely inessential as per “Zem spiediena” (Under Pressure) of 2014, or “Galva mākoņos” (Head In The Clouds) of 2013. The discrete ironic manner in which Agnese’s work plays with characters and motifs adopted from everyday situations can trigger diverse interpretations.

Agnese’s work goes far beyond etching and embraces silkscreen prints, such as “Pirtī” (In the bath) of 2016, lithography, “Rudens”, 2016, drawing, colography techniques, as well as painting and further experimental work, in her pursuit to find the most appropriate ways of visualising her ideas. Humans but also dogs – dachshunds in particular – are often depicted as key characters in her work and remind filigree paintings as an expressive and emotional entangling of lines used as shape outlines: “Zemē” (On The Ground) and “Domas” (Thoughts), both of 2016.

Her more recent works in her genuine technique on veneer boards are inspired and permeated with religious themes and characters. The names of these pieces are meaningful and meditatively significant, as per “Dvēseles forma” (The Shape Of The Soul) or “Noasa šķirsts” (Noah’s Ark). After her trip to Russia the artist’s work was deeply influenced by everything she came across, and the old city of Veliky Novgorod, in particular. The city is famous in Ancient Russia’s history of art because of the 16th-century Novgorodian icon-painting school, which allowed a freer use of colour, such as red, blue colour and gilding. The artist’s work cannot be classified as iconography and Agnese doesn’t try to religiously follow iconographic techniques her works as icons, but rather tries to paraphrases her journey insights as an artist.

Member of the Latvian Artists’ Union

Member of The Chamber of Graphic Art, Latvia


2020 Family Show “Synergies”, VEF Culture Palace, Latvia

2019 Family Show “Synergies”, Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art centre, Latvia

2017 Family Show “TOGETHER/onwards”, Art gallery “Juras Varti”, Ventspils, Latvia

2016 Family Show “TOGETHER / onwards”, Art gallery “LAIPA”, Valmiera, Latvia

2016 Family Show, “TOGETHER”, Jurmala City Museum, Jurmala, Latvia

2013 Solo Show, “The Feminine Weaknesses”, Art gallery “Pegazs”, Riga, Latvia

2017 Group Show, “RUDENS 2017”, LMS Art gallery, Riga, Latvia

2017 Group Show, “Anxiety”, Dailes galeria, Šauļi, Lithuania

2017 Group Show, Miniprint “Border”, “Juras Varti”, Ventspils, Latvia

2017 Group Show, “Mākslas dienas”, LMS Art gallery, Riga, Latvia

2016 Group Show, “RUDENS 2016. KAS IR MĀKSLINIEKS?”, LMS Art gallery, Riga, Latvia

2015 Group Shows, “Satikšanās”, Kamera”, “Lēciens”, Latvia

2015 Group Show, “Mākslas kņada”, LMS galerija, Riga, Latvia

2015 Group Show, “Kamera”, Jelgava, Latvija

2014 Group Show, “AthensArt International Arts Festival”, Bispgården, Sweden

2014 Group Show, “Skanošais”, Sigulda, Latvia

2014 Group Show, “Rudens. Nākotne sākas šodien”, Riga, Latvia

2013 Group Show, “Mākslinieka monologs”, Riga, Latvia

2013 Group Show, “Lielais mazajā II”, Valmiera, Latvia

2012 Group Show, AthensART Odysseia, Corfu, Naxos, Greece

2012 Group Show, AthensART International Arts Festival, Izmail, Ukraine

2012 Group Show, “Pavasaris Latvijas Grafika”, Latvia

2011 Group Show, AthensArt, Art for Japan, Vienna Travelgallery, Austria

2011 Group Show, ArtParis, Le Grand Palais, France

2010 Group Show, “Galerija Centrs”, Latvia

2010 Contemporary Art Exhibition “Switches”, Riga Art Space, Latvia

2009 Contemporary Art Exhibition “Autumn 2009”, Happy Art Museum, Latvia

1994 Group Show, Edinburgh and London, Great Britain

1991 Group Shows, Latvia

1990 Group Show, Darlington Museum of Art, Great Britain

1990 Group Shows, Latvia



2012 Non-toxic Intaglio Workshop, Capileira, Spain

1996-1998 MFA, Graphic Art, Academy of Arts, Latvia

1991-1996 BFA, Graphic Art, Academy of Arts, Latvia

1991 Exchange program at Darhem’s Art school in Great Britain

1984-1991 J. Rosenthal Riga Art School, Latvia



Saatchi Online ARTPARIS Showdown Finalist

ARTslant 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016 Showcase’s Winner



2018 Graphics plein-air Rauna, Art gallery “Laipa”

2017 Graphics plein-air Valmiera, Art gallery “Laipa”

2016 Graphics plein-air Valmiera, Art gallery “Laipa”

2013 Second Graphics Symposium Latgale, Daugavpils Rothko Art Centre

2013 Graphics plein-air “VENTSPILS DOKUMENTA”

Works in private collections: Germany, Austria, Sweden, Spain, Great Britain, New Zealand, United States.

Behance portfolio:


Paintings and Intaglio prints

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